Today is August 2nd My husband’s first day at his new job in Munich is currently scheduled for October 29th. Between now and then we need to find a home for our two cars, figure out how much of our stuff is going with us, going to storage or going away, preparing the house to rent out to complete strangers, hire a property manager, stand for ordination exam, plan an ordination service should I pass, figure out how to vote in November (or not), and start learning German.

Sometime soon we’ll be finding out where we ‘ll be staying while apartment hunting after we get there, plus what the budget for the big move actually looks like. And then there’s the mail to figure out how to forward, plus the cat to get ready to travel (forms! more forms!), manage the phone contracts, figure out how to keep watching some favorite shows, and how to live in a colder/warmer/more humid climate where open windows are emphatically frowned upon.

And of course I need to start the traditional ex-pat blog that serves as an ongoing open letter home. I have loved reading other people’s ex-pat blogs, especially the ones in Munich. Some ex-pat blogs are an open newsletter, intentionally written to an unknown audience and some are more personal where the writer thinks perhaps only a few friends and family check in from time to time. I have loved the blogs for the insights into places to go see, what to expect in the transition from tourist to local, what it means to be an alien, and sometimes practical solutions to life’s little challenges.

Right now is a giddy-scary time. October is both too far away and right around the corner. Sometimes I look at a rose in my garden and think, “how is it okay to be leaving this?” and sometimes I think “Its okay to be doing this, its where I’m supposed to go now.”

All adventures, especially into new territory, are scary – Sally Ride


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