Kitchen window in a 1915 Munich apartment with herb pots.

While we await the details, here is how we think the moving is going to go:  Somebody is going to come to our house, pick up all our stuff, put it in a shipping container, put the container on a boat, take it back off the boat and deliver it to our exotic new residence in about two months or so. Meanwhile, we’ll get on board a plane, live in temporary quarters, and start searching for the exotic new residence.

Of course we’ve been on the internet for months now looking at candidates. So far we’ve learned the following things

1) The room count includes the living room. So, if it is a 3 room apartment, then there’s 3 rooms plus a kitchen/bathroom and hallway. Almost all apartments have a hallway. It seems like a not all that helpful use of space to me but no one asked me.

2) The kitchen may or may not have anything in it. Like cupboards or stoves or sinks. I’ve learned to look for the word, Einbauküche, kitchen included. Sometimes the kitchen is for sale in place. This is why Ikea sells kitchens. Also, don’t expect built in closets either.

3) There are two prices for renting – one is called the “cold” rent which is just the walls and one includes things like heat, water and other helpful utilities. Why they don’t just quote the fully inclusive price up front is also a mystery to me but maybe its about apples and apples.

4) We’re going to be in need of all the help the company relocation service will be giving us. Not only help with all the legal forms, contract translation, and so on, but with the fact that apartments come and go very quickly in Munich. Landlords have a lot more freedom to choose who they want as tenants.

Here’s a link to the kind of apartments and neighborhoods we are looking at:  Scout 24   Feel free to play along at home. Also, Google Translate is my best friend ever.

Random Door: Doorway that only lets some stuff through but you never know what it’s going to choose, so it’s hard to plan for the future. – Story People


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