“Let’s rent the house,” we said dreamily while first contemplating the big move. “That way, we’ll be able to come back or at least maybe get a stronger price for it if we decide to live somewhere else.”

This means that all those someday-we’ll-fix-this projects all have to be fixed now. This is a twenty-year old house built in the boom boom ’80’s. It has been lived in by at least two families, including Bill’s who has lived here for fourteen years.

My to-do list includes getting bids for replacing fogged windows, holes in the walls and ceilings, interviewing property managers and maintenance crews.. Oh and either Bill paint’s the south side of the house and finish making the laundry room walls look pretty or we hire someone to do that for us.  And we need to get the one burner on the gas stove that doesn’t lit fixed. Then there’s the oven. which hasn’t been doing all that well but well enough so can we let it go or should we deal with it now?

Also, our neighbor wants to install a new lawn sprinkling system which means his contractors will be trenching along the property line dividing the front yards of our houses. Right next to a twenty-something sycamore tree which isn’t in all that great a health anyway so, its going to go. Surprise, here’s an extra thousand to add to the getting-ready budget.

Do I look like I know what I am doing? Hello complete stranger, here is a large amount of money. Please don’t screw this up.


When one has finished building one’s house, one suddenly realizes that in the process one has learned something that one really needed to know in the worst way – before one began. – Friedrich Nietzsche


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