One day I was in the office of my kid’s grade school where I saw a flyer for a cat. A near kitten actually. The office secretary’s daughter was moving to a no-pet apartment and Jake needed a new home.

We already had two cats.

But there was something compelling in his photo that moved my heart and home he came. The other two cats were not impressed. He was a bit aggressive. He was also a bit dangerous toward humans in the “I’ll bite you when I’m done allowing you to pet me” kind of way. Still, we all loved him a lot. He was compelling.

He became my constant companion. When the marriage ended, he came with me and Spider went with the girl’s father. He moved with me to seminary. He traveled with me in the car during the Christmas break runs. Everyone fell in love with him. He moved with me to Santa Rosa.

And now I have to confront the reality that  he’s not going to Germany. He’s one of the parts of my life I’m going to have to leave behind. He has a tumor and he’s fourteen years old.  This doesn’t work for him. I need to find him a new home before we leave or else we need to let him go.

He’s been such a good sport. He’s always been with me for the big journey. Sometimes terrified, sometimes curious, often demanding. A cat. A Jake Cat.


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