I work from home.

And right now there are three strangers cleaning my bathrooms and the kitchen. Two days ago, I had five strangers out on the front lawn trimming up some overgrown trees. Three days ago, a neighbor who is basically a near stranger, was in my yard taking over the lawn maintenance.  Last week I had two strangers replacing about five windows.  I’ve had two more strangers walk through my house, opening up every single door and cupboard so they can make a moving estimate of some validity.

I am grateful that all these people are here. they are bringing skills, tools, and energy that I don’t have but are a part of preparing this house for rental and for getting our stuff from here to there.

But I’m really getting thrown off my own focus (um, a Bible study and an ordination service…)  I tend toward hyper-awareness of everyone around me. I’m like a Australian Sheep Dog who’s mission in life to go out and herd people and keep an eye out for potential dangers. This spidey herding tingly sense only grinds upward in direct correlation with my anxiety level. (Did I mention that we’re moving? To Munich? In four weeks? And I’ve just been informed I have to go get yet another moving bid?).I’m very sensitive to noise in particular and here are all these people. In my house. In my workspace. On my nerves. All five that are left. Even my cat just dashed by looking for a safe place to go hide. And it doesn’t help that my neighbor’s lawn crew is at work across the street with all their lawn tools in full scream.

Its worth it. This chaos is disorder organizing into order but at the moment, I’m thinking about joining the cat and huddling underneath the bed.

They are coming for my computer very soon. I have to shut all my computers down so the window can get clean.  The disruption is complete. Is 11:15 am too soon to start drinking the martinis? 



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