We are now at 3.5 weeks. Twenty-three days. Drei und zwansig Tag. The last week or so has been emotionally intense because we were pushing to get the house ready for a rental photo shoot. Gosh, there are so many emotions all bound up with stuff and to push and push and push to move-store-giveaway-toss for hours on end is   exhausting.

Still, by 4 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon when the rental agent showed up, camera in hand, the house was ready. We were looking around wondering who lived here now? Sure, that’s our furniture but where’s the debris of day to day life? Beloved looks and says, “maybe we can just keep it all this way.”  Maybe but I doubt it. Not for the long haul because we both tend to drop stuff (paper, phones, keys, coins, the spare screw-chargering device-rubber band-paper clip-whatever that will turn out to be useful someday) as we go along in life. We take our shoes and socks off over by the living room couch and we don’t pick them back up when we go to bed.

Still and all, we’re now on the brink of  the “showing season” where hordes of would be renters start clamoring to see and then adopt our home for their new life in Santa Rosa. Which means this house has to stay pristine. All dishes into the dishwasher immediately! Spices are swept back into the cupboard and pots hot from the stove get a quick rinse and are immediately stashed in the machine. Every morning I run around the house and sweep up the lost. Its an anxious way to live. I feel a little like we are now guests in our own home but if this is what we need to do to get out of town, then I’ll deal.

As I look around this morning, I have to admit that it is actually kind of pleasant to live in order instead of a debris field. We are empty nesters now. We have removed a lot of the clutter and we’ll move even less  Maybe we could create and maintain order in our new Munich home…

Or maybe not.

“Excuse the mess, but we live here.” 
― Roseanne Barr


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