Last night The Beloved and I realized that we need to remember why we thought this move was a good idea.

So here’s the list:

1) We get to live in Europe and travel on the weekends. No TSA, no eleven hours of cattle class flying. Just our stuff in a couple of backpacks and a train pass in our hand.

2) We get to live without a car. I may change my mind about this in February but right now it looks like a great life style. Walking or biking or public transit or taxi cab. Not only is there physical exercise (aka healthier life) built in, but there’s also no worries about insurance, maintenance or the price of gas.

3) We get to learn how to negotiate in a new language, a new culture. We will expand our appreciation of who we are as well as who we could be.

4) We get to have a different kind of social life. Ex-pat social circles are much more fluid and welcoming of new people. We will be out in the world more, eating out, seeing concerts, movies (in English), theater perhaps and less drinking a bottle of wine while watching TV.

5) We will be learning new things in our work life. Beloved will have a whole new kind of work around risk analysis in financial institutions and I’ll be working with expats and asylum seekers in an English speaking congregation while writing a Bible Study for American Presbyterian Women. About water in the Bible.

It’s going to be awesome!


4 thoughts on “Why

  1. It’s a great list, but things will happen you never thought about, and it very well might all boil down to your being where God wants you to be.

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