After picking up our suitcases and driving them to the Doubletree in Rohnert Park…
After boarding the airport bus and then the shuttle to Aloft next door to SFO…
After hanging out with the boys till it was finally time to check the luggage…
After repacking our luggage and carry on so we fit within the guidelines…
After getting the extra bag checkin fee waved because the credit card reader didn’t read…
After the walking loop around the airport and the traditional sushi outside the security and after the de-shoeing and re-shoeing and the waiting and then finally the boarding at 10 p.m….
After a long but smooth flight and a friend who met us at the airport and drove us to our hotel in the snow…
(wait, snow?)
We arrived in Munich, Germany.

We’re in the same hotel as last June so we already know where we are and how to get to where we want to go. Today is our fourth day here and the jet lag is pretty much done. Last night we went out to dinner for an ex-pat meet up. The last three days have been wondering about looking at apartments. (more in a later post).  All in all and so far, its been worth what it took to get us here.

Today is All Saints day so all businesses are closed. The Church (as in Catholic) is not fond of Halloween and would prefer everyone to just take this day as a quiet, meditative time. Many are chosing to use this time to meditate while at the beach or in the mountains.  I just read that it is traditional to take flowers to our ancestor’s graves and light candles. Last night, I saw two shoppers pause at the candle display. They seemed, for that moment, alone and just a little in grief as they paused to sniff the candles and consider the size of the wax. I think I’ll set out some offering of libration later on tonight for my own collections of ghosts and saints.

In the meantime, we are here and settling into the groove fairly quickly. Like all of you, we are watching the news from Hurricane Sandy. My refreshed awareness of negotiating a city or a country without speaking the language causes me to hold in prayer the alien and the stranger newly arrived in New York and caught up in all this. Oh Lord, have mercy.


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