Today is Day 8 in Munich. Beloved left for work this morning and I am taking a moment to catch my breath.

We are currently lodged in a hotel room and will will remain here till sometime between Dec. 1 and Dec. 15. Its a nice hotel room, a small apartment really. The door opens to a small kitchenette with a two burner stove and a microwave. The hotel provides a big pot and a pan, a spatula,  a serrated knife and table settings for two people. Also, a hot pot for water and a toaster when I asked for it. I brought several good knives, a cutting board, an apron, a peeler, kitchen towels and several sponges. Also, a bottle opener.  I can make stews, soups, salads, pasta and risotto with this set up.

Next comes a sitting area with a small balcony facing to the East, a TV and stairs to a loft landing where I sit at a desk and type this blog entry. Behind me is the main closet and two more steps up to the second floor, a bathroom and then the bedroom that opens onto a shared patio looking to the west. There’s plenty of room for the two of us and we are fortunate.

We spent last week searching for an apartment. We saw five possibilities which helped us discern what was most important to us. We chose an apartment atop a five (American) story building built in 1910. It is two blocks away from a tram and it has soul. One place had a yard, was a block away from the English Garden (think Central Park only bigger), but neighbors behind walls and gates. One place housed press for the 1972 Olympics, looked into the park and had great flow but too much dark space to walk through when coming home at night. One place perched above busy urban streets with great transit connections, had great sky, but was isolated from human to human encounters. And one place isn’t worth talking about except for saying, “no.”

So now we wait for the boat with our stuff to arrive – some time between Dec 5 and Dec 15th. And we catch our breath. Beloved heads off to work, I try to remember how to write. We need to buy new beds (6-8 weeks for delivery), find a new doctor for my blood pressure meds, figure out the driving school, the language school, and get the internet/TV/phone figured out. And we go for walks, ride the transit, find the English movie theater so we can see Skyfall, watch The Good Wife via apple TV and listen to German News on the local TV. We had a dinner date w new friends and another meet up tonight. Curry with other ex-pats across town on Wednesday nights.

We’re here now. So far, so good – but I have to say I find this post boring. I guess I’m clearing my throat, warming up, preparing, regathering….


4 thoughts on “Catching Breath

  1. A lil bit of confusion won’t hurt … 🙂 Hope you’re settling in ok, in case you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us !

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