We’re still living in a hotel and the stuff is still on a boat.  We’ve got the German bank accounts almost figured out. We have iPhones which help us navigate and translate. Plus – they are so pretty, my precious…

I’ve lost ten pounds just from getting out of a car. I am walking a lot more which is what I think my DNA was designed to do (Swiss German mountain people) and I think eating even less pre-processed food then before. I think that of all the radical changes in our lives we made in the last sixty days, not owning a car here is perhaps the most radical. During the day and when its not raining, this isn’t an issue. At night, well, I’m battling my American “street smarts” which translates roughly as “female out after dark = very vulnerable”

“No, no,” everyone says, “Munich is very safe.”  Tonight, I’ll be out to another find-a-resturant-and-meet-strangers gathering.  I kind of know where the restaurant is and it seems pretty easy to get to. Centrally located more or less. I am grateful that there are multiple organizations  where strangers are welcomed and seeds of friendship are planted.

Still, its dark and now its raining.  We’re 25 days out from Winter Solstice (bonfire anyone?), two weeks from getting the keys to the apartment, ten-to-twenty days from getting the stuff out of customs, twenty-three or so days from the arrival of First Daughter & her sweetie….

Honestly, It just feels like a holding pattern at the moment. Like I’m waiting for… oh, right. Like I’m waiting for Advent. For Christmas, for the New Year, for the new life.

Come, let us gather up this darkness then
hold it a little closer
The earth is settling down into it’s wintersleep
soon snow will cover the lingering piles of fall leaves
This isn’t Sonoma County but even Charlie Brown walked through the snow drifts of Charles Shultz’ childhood.




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