Maybe this should be titled Moving Month, but that wouldn’t be accurate either. It has been 8 weeks since we last slept in our home in Santa Rosa. If it was 3 months, then it could be titled Moving Quarter or Moving Season but its not a nice even time segment. Unless one uses the title, Moving Purgatory.   Now that’s a tempting title given just how deeply the Catholicism runs in Bavarian Germany, the length of this journey, and the news about the apartment that arrived yesterday.

The new apartment is lovely. Its not new, its the top floor of a turn-of-the-last-century building that survived the bombing. I’ve seen post-bombing run photographs that show how close the bombs came (two buildings down the street) and which makes me wonder what duds lurk buried in the earth near by but its a lovely building on a charming street. With, as it turns out, a few last minute problems. Like the toilet in the master bedroom is apparently not working nor is the shower. But the bathtub is fine. We were going to move in two weeks ago but decided to stay out so that the plumbing & retiling work in the kitchen could be finished.  “and due to the time of the year,” our agent said in yesterday’s e-mail, “it might only get fixed next year.”  Tell me dear readers, could you hear the great grinding sound of my eyeballs rolling as I read the email? Wait, you were all still asleep yesterday at 2 p.m. my time.

We’re moving in anyway. Tomorrow. We reserved a rental car to help us move what we brought over (clothes), what we shipped over (books), and what we’ve bought in anticipation (sheets, drying rack, food stuff). I’m a little nervous about driving a car on German roads (different road signs, lane markings) and I’m also nervous about driving in snow (which has been around for the last two weeks but is now about to disappear in time for the moving truck that arrives on Saturday). I guess the good news is that I don’t have to worry about observing the lane markings if I can’t see them.

We have inflatable beds to sleep on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, the couch w sleeper bed arrives. Sometime in the 50/51st week of the year (this is how our sales receipt phrased it), our new Eurobeds will arrive. My Elder daughter and her beloved are also scheduled to arrive on the 51st week. If the beds arrive in the 50th week, then there are no problems. If its the 52nd week…  we’ll figure something out.  It’s possible that maybe even the plumber might show up before the new year. Also, the installation of the internet which is on track for um… sometime before the end of January. Probably.

Its very easy for me to get my tail all wrapped up in my perfection-driven performance issues. As you might imagine, there’s a lot of anxiety in any move let alone a move of this gigantic proportion. Its easy for me to let myself slip on down the always handy rabbit hole of anxiety but guess what, (she writes to her fearful lizard brain), So far this move has worked out.  Sooner or later everyone gets out of purgatory, right?



2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. You’re about start nesting, and I’m sure things will start to feel better, even if they aren’t perfect. But it is a moving season to be lived through!

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