It’s been busy in the writing department these last few weeks. There was a deadline for the Presbyterian Women’s Bible study and then a sermon and a half sermon. So, its been a while since I’ve had a chance to stop and reflect on this Euro-adventure.

So…108 days since the wheels lifted up out of SFO, I’ve learned the following things:

  1. I can live with snow on the ground
  2. I can now converse with butchers well enough to buy the fixings for making my own American bacon and American breakfast sausage.
    1. German pork belly comes with bones still along one side of the meat, like like German bacon.
    2. I have to turn the refrigerator down because the bacon brine went and froze.
  3. That I have a tingly spider sense when I’m around places that relate to WWII tragedies like sub-camps for the enslavement of the Jewish people. I may not know exactly why I’m uneasy till days later when I do some research and discover what is not being remembered.
  4. Almost all Germans who participated in WWII have now died. Most of the now elderly were children during the war and have survived some very brutal and confusing situations. The number of locks on my apartment door, including a huge bar across the entire door and doorway testify to a fear of invasion.
  5. It is possible to ride a bike across snow but it remains slippery.
  6. That the German word for a refrigerator is Kühlschrank which means cold cupboard which is kind of cool.
    1. I can live with a small refrigerator. Because really, most leftovers just go to the back of the fridge to die.
  7. Living without a car has contributed to a significant and effortless weight loss.
  8. Sometimes its still hard to get the motivation up to go walk or ride my bike.
  9. That I miss my garden and back yard in Santa Rosa but not the drivers on the highway.
  10. Drinking beer in the beer garden  on the first sunny afternoon in weeks is awesome.
  11. Paris is really really awesome.
  12. That packing tape doesn’t really fix a leaking window, especially when its windy out.
  13. I can live without a dryer. But not a washer. Or a shower. Those two things are very useful.
  14. That people sing the same praise music all over the world 
  15. That a jumper in Scotland is not the same thing as a jumper in the United States.
  16. Speaking of Scotland, a haggis is pretty good to eat and there’s some amazing scotch whisky for sale at prices far less then the U.S.A.
  17. That 20 something men from Slavia know where Portland, Oregon is and that they want to move there and that most 20 somethings in Munich do not understand why anyone would want to leave California.
  18. That NPR via the internet goes a long way toward comforting homesickness. Also Apple TV. And as long as I’m on the subject: Homeland is an awesome TV show.
  19. There are cultural differences in how Germans and Americans view the world.
  20. That sometimes people try to disguise their broken hearts with anger.
  21. That the first day you can leave the windows open for longer then five minutes is one of the ways that God reminds us that God keeps promises.

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